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Cedar vs. Pine

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Don't Get Water Logged.

Most people do not know that Pine has 2.5% more water content than Cedar.  The excessive moisture in pine logs can lead to a host of problems.  That's one reason Katahdin crafts log homes with northern white cedar logs exclusively for naturally lower moisture content than pine, and years of hassle free enjoyment for you.

50 - 55% Average moisture content right off the saw 19 - 23% Average moisture content right off the saw.

Kiln dried:  A harsh, high - heat process that can destabilize wood cells and reduce insulation ability.  Also accelerates splitting, cracking and checking. Air dried:  Nature's way of gently seasoning wood to maximize wood cell stability and R-value.  Splitting, cracking and checking are minimized.

Kiln drying is required to: Kiln drying is unnecessary because:
Reduce high moisture content quickly; Cedar is naturally low in moisture;
Kill insect infestations; Cedar is naturally repellant to insects;
Set pine resin to stop runs. Cedar's resin in naturally stable.

Continues to dry after home construction - intensifies cracking, splitting, shrinkage, setting, air seepage and rot.



Low moisture content, before and after construction, minimizes settling, cracking and splitting.

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