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Log Qualification

Our unique log qualification process was derived from our endless commitment to provide the highest quality log homes & log cabins on the market.  In order to support such quality we have developed the most diverse product line in the industry.   Not only does Katahdin Cedar Log Homes offer a superior species of wood with a wide variety of cedar products, but we also ensure the highest quality log possible.  From the time the log enters our manufacturing plant in Oakfield, Maine, to the time it is shipped to the building site, our logs are graded 5 separate times throughout the manufacturing process.

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has always been concerned with the environment and that is why nothing goes to waste in our manufacturing plant.  If at any point in the process the log does not meet our strict grading specifications, we have the ability to use it for fencing or ship it to Cedar Ideas, a subsidiary of Katahdin, to produce planter boxes, lawn furniture,  and a wide variety of other cedar products.  In fact, our grading system is so strict that only 9% of the round wood we receive qualifies for #1 log stock that is used in our log homes.  By offering such a diverse product line and by utilizing our areas natural resources, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes provides the highest quality cedar at pine prices.

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